The Climate

Portugal has an ideal climate. The winters are relatively warm, it can freeze a little during the nights. But the temperature during the day can go up to 20 degrees Celsius.
The temperature rises as summer comes near. This region has an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. But the temperature can also reach 35 degrees Celsius. Another advantage of this region is that temperature drops during the nights, which insures a nice temperature to sleep in.
This region knows little to no rain. Despite periods of drought, there are enough sources, streams and waterfalls to create a beautiful green environment.

Location and Environment

Beira is a beautiful environment with different landscapes and rich with nature.
There are lots of possibilities to cycle, walk and fish. The environment of Beira is unique, amongst other things because it is only an hour drive to the Atlantic coast, were beautiful and quiet beaches can be found, such as: Fiqueira da Foz and Aveiro.

The Sierra da Estrela starts in the east, there are two rivers: the Mondego and the Ceira.
Villages in the close vicinity are: Arganil, Tábua, Coja en Vinhó.

There you can find beautiful granite houses, which are characteristic to the region. Larger villages nearby are: Coïmbra en Viseu. They have large shopping areas with lots of specialty stores, supermarkets, professional do-it-yourself chains and department stores.
Furthermore, there is an excellent golf course within 40 km. Porto is only 160 km away and Lisbon 220 km.

The environment is known for its hills, forests, lakes and rivers with beautiful villages. Because of its mild climate, flowers and trees grow during the year which insures a wonderful green environment.

Portugal is also known for its extensive and modern road network, one of the best in Europe. It is remarkable that houses located in such a beautiful and unique environment are not subject to devaluations. Investing in properties in this region has shown to be more profitable than the inflation sensitive euro.
It is therefore not remarkable that more and more Northern Europeans are attracted to this area.

The Population

Portuguese are very friendly and helpful. Most of them have their own ground and are very self sufficient.

The fertile grounds offer lots of fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables. The forest rich environment creates a good wood industry.
Old professions are still being practised such as bakeries, cheesemakers, carpenters and blacksmith.

Costs of Living

The Portuguese economy is not one of the strongest in Europe. Salaries are low, that means that the cost of living are relatively low as well as taxes, compared.

For whom?

For people who want an affordable house at a wonderful location, to enjoy their holidays, to life or to invest in.